Back Burn

by Final Frontier

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Produced and recorded at The Brain Studios with Clayton Segelov and Fletcher Matthews.
Mixed by Clayton Segelov and Fletcher Matthews.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Mastering.


released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Final Frontier Sydney, Australia

"From the melting pot of Sydney's metal and hardcore scene comes a new threat to the dancefloor. Final Frontier are a young band who aren't afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve, born from the pits of hell and spitting aggression from every stage they tackle." ... more

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Track Name: Vengeance
I won't stand here and
Watch you get harassed
The point where their actions
Are tolerated has passed

How could you stand for that?
A violation of space
You're blind to the fact
That your existence is a disgrace

Time to atone for your sins

Blackened minds won't thrive
Don't think you'll survive
Ascending once more
Vengeance is sworn

A dear friend was put in a very difficult position
by someone who was very intoxicated. No matter what
state you're in, there is no excuse for sexual
harrassment and people who do so should be vilified
Track Name: Phoenix
Burn back all the lies
Ignite the spark inside
There's no time to hide
Check yourself, the end is nigh
Watch as time will heal
The damaged way I feel
Soon I'll shine as bright as the sun
Cower in fear as you turn and run

What's done is done
and now I will grow into
something more stronger
than you'll ever know

You led me to misery
but this you could not foresee: I'm set free
Eternally I'll revive
with the drive to survive I'll strive to stay alive from

Everything that you ruined
I'll rebuild, with my bare hands
No sympathy, all my revenge
Through the pain, I am reborn

Your world crumbles before you very own eyes
And from the ashes, I will rise.
No matter how bad you're treated or criticised, living well
is always the best revenge. Pick yourself up, dust yourself
off and always strive to be the best person you can be.
Track Name: Torment
Looking back on my old life, when I felt so lost and alone
Wandering every day, dreading what's to come
Facing trials in my way, I'm beaten until numb
I've kept my head down, bit my tongue, bruised and bled
Made to feel like things won't be right
Through the constant torment
I know that things won't get better in time

For dire life's sake, before my mind breaks
I'm scrambling to escape, your name that I forsake
It's so plain to see you're hiding insecurities

Give it up, let it go
The grudge you bear curses us both
Weighed me down, sunk so low
I denied your life and opposed what you know

Now that I've found acceptance I can grow
This devotion that I can call my own

A few years on, our paths cross again
And I've found that nothing's changed
A few years on, you're stuck in the past
And I've spread my wings beyond the confines I was trapped inside

Next time I see you, step in my way
Karma's caught up to you, won't you feel my pain
No more rain
This chronicles a period in a friend's life when they were
excessively bullied and their state of mind through the ordeal.
Circumstances eventually changed and they broke free from the
mental and physical torture they endured.
Track Name: Call Of The Void (ft.Brett Eitzen of Outright, Ex-Shotpointblank)
Looking over the edge
A part of me begs to know
I close my eyes and watch the visions inside
I'm letting go of the ground below
I can feel the cold air rush past my skin
Time slows as the heavens drift further away, away from me

I can hear the call of the void
Screaming out to seize me
The possibilities are falling
Faster than I can concede

Do you ever feel it too?
The urge to destroy your safety
Futures I perceive
I'll cut the threads to change my destiny

Bury the thoughts, hide them from sight
Watch them surface, blind the mind's eye

Intrusive thoughts are, clouding all I see
They'll tear you apart and make you lose sight of reality
No cause for despair, awakened to the truth
Spit in the face of death as the void stares back at you

There's so much to live for
And still more to gain
When the world feels against me
I won't lose my life in vain
I constantly battle with intrusive thoughts on a day to
day basis, living in an apartment building 11 stories up
made thoughts wander to dark places. Although I know I
would never act on them, they're a constant reminder of
the fragility of life.
Track Name: System Shock
I can feel it in the air
I can smell it on your breath
All there is, all around me
Surrounded by, potential death
I can feel it in the air
I can see it lying in wait
All there is, all around me
Deadly risks, I won't take

The more that you know
The more you can be prepared
Living in fear
The world shows no mercy to the cursed

I swore an oath to myself that
You'll never take me alive, my kryptonite

Break the shell,
Release the beast,
Dig the grave,
Take me away

Heart rate climbs fast
Shock to the system
Throat starts to cave in
Shock to the system
My blood's run cold
Death follows me at every turn, sometimes
in the most unexpected of places. I'm forever
haunted by something that could very well end
my life. This is a pledge to stay alive no
matter the cost. Peanuts and their related
products, you won't be the death of me.
Track Name: Salvation (ft. Karl Schubach of Misery Signals)
I lost faith at a young age, but I accept your right to think what you may
The fact that will never change: we meet our moment of truth someday

No matter what you choose to think or believe
Just know, I'll wait for you if you'll wait for me
No matter how long it takes for you to grieve
If it helps you sleep, in death we'll meet

I don't feel the need to pray, but I accept your right to think what you may
The fact that will never change: we meet our moment of truth someday

There's no certainty when we're buried six feet underground
The afterlife may never be found
But don't waste your life feeling burdened of the end
There's more reasons to live than there is to descend

Your world must one day cease to go on
With hope, you'll find your salvation

As we search for solace, I swear I'll keep my promise
I'll wait for you at the end, if you'll wait for me
People have differing beliefs on religion, and in this case, the afterlife.
No matter what the outcome may be when we breathe our last breath, I want my
family and friends to live happily and with the thought that we may meet
again some day, even if I may not agree with what they believe.